Monster Cake Smash

Welcome to G’s monster cake smash!

Cake smash sessions are so much fun for me!  Every 1 year old reacts differently to their first taste of cake.  Some babies cry. A few will poke at the sugary confection delicately. Many littles gobble it up like they know this cake thing is going to be rare! Then there are the ones like Baby ‘G’.  These little ones try the cake and don’t mind the taste, but they’d rather spend their time squishing icing through their fingers and smashing cake to the ground (where of course, they will then spread it around like paint on a canvas).

This cake is my favourite smash cake ever!  I love that G’s parents chose a monster cake and bright colours.  There are so many monster cake options out there and I hope I get to do a few more in the future.

Watch baby ‘G’ destroy his monster cake (it only took him about 10 mins which is a record in my studio).


Monster Cake Smash / Copyright Melissa Auer Photography

From MONSTER to MESS, this cake smash was so much fun!  Thank you to the super talented Hansel and Gretel Bakery in Maple Ridge for the incredible cake!

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