Be In The Photos!

So, it’s Mother’s Day weekend and my challenge to you is to be in the photos.  Yep.  That’s right.  It’s always you behind the camera capturing the every day moments. And while that’s great and I highly recommend documenting the every day, you’re part of the family too!  So hand the camera to someone else and be in the photos.

be in the photos - Melissa Auer Photography 2016Now, I totally understand that some of you may avoid cameras like the plague, knowing that your every flaw will be captured for eternity.  But wait…  What about your laugh? Your joy? Your love? Your beauty? You have all of that and more!  Every single one of you!  Your kids see it and someday will want to have those together moments and happy smiles to look back on.  And honestly?  You will too.

be in the photos - Melissa Auer Photography 2016be in the photos - Melissa Auer Photography 2016be in the photos - Melissa Auer Photography 2016






I totally know that a few of you right this moment are worrying about not so flat stomachs, bigger than you’d like arms and double chins.  (I think about it too when I’m in photos)  But I’m going to help you out with that because honestly, it DOES matter how you stand or sit in a photo.  While the camera doesn’t actually add 10lbs, it will appear to if you don’t pose yourself to the best advantage

This blog from Texas photographer Kate Pease is awesome!     How To Be Photogenic

I use all of these tricks at my sessions and Kate has explained them perfectly and included before and after photos so you can see the difference that these little techniques make.

IMG_4697webOk,  Mamas, hand that camera to someone else and BE IN THE PHOTOS!  I promise you wont regret it!!

Want a professional photo session?  Contact me at to book a 30 or 60 minute family session.  Moms get $25 off any booked session all month long!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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